Lustre® File System

Lustre File System InfographicThe Lustre file system is a open source, parallel file system that supports the requirements of leadership class HPC and Enterprise environments worldwide.  Lustre provides a POSIX compliant interface and scales to thousands of clients, petabytes of storage, and has demonstrated over a terabyte per second of sustained I/O bandwidth.  Many of the largest and most powerful supercomputers on Earth today are powered by the Lustre file system, including over 60% of the TOP100 sites.

The Lustre Community Portal supports the open source community — developers, admins, and users — providing downloadable Lustre releases, documentation, development tree access, issue reporting, working groups, mailing lists, and more. We encourage you to download and use Lustre, participate in the community, and provide your input and support as we grow Lustre success worldwide.

OpenSFS is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010 to advance Lustre development, ensuring it remains vendor-neutral, open, and freely downloadable. OpenSFS participants include vendors and customers who employ the world’s best Lustre file system experts, implementing and supporting Lustre solutions across HPC and commercial enterprises. OpenSFS actively promotes the growth, stability and vendor neutrality of the Lustre file system.

Lustre Roadmap

The Lustre Roadmap page presents a timeline of the planned Maintenance and Feature Lustre Releases.

Join the Community

Get involved and follow the activities and discussions of the OpenSFS Working Groups at the working group wiki pages. Join the Working Group mailing lists at

  • CDWG: OpenSFS Community Development Working Group – Facilitate discussion and deliver short and long term goals to the OpenSFS Board of Directors
  • OpenBenchMark: OpenSFS Benchmark Working Group – Analyze existing fundamental I/O HPC workloads and recommend benchmarking tools with instructions on execution
  • TWG: OpenSFS Technical Working Group – Gather, generate statement of work, develop resource allocation proposals and work with contractors on technical requirements
  • WAN: OpenSFS Wide Area Filesystem Working Group – Improve Lustre® file system’s Functionality as a Wide Area Filesystem
  • Marketing: OpenSFS Marketing Working Group – Develop and implement marketing programs to promote the activities of OpenSFS and the Lustre file system technology

The OpenSFS Work Groups are open to any interested participant, regardless of OpenSFS membership. We encourage any member of the Lustre® file system community to join the Work Group mailing lists and meetings. OpenSFS does maintain some closed mailing lists, such as as the Board of Directors mailing list and TWG RFP mailing list.

Mailing Lists

The Lustre development community maintains several mailing lists that you can join to stay informed, ask questions, and discuss Lustre with other users and developers.

    • OpenSFS Discuss: Primary community list for Lustre related information, events, and user experiences
    • Supplemental lists:
      • hpdd-discuss: Intel hosted list to ask questions and report experiences with Lustre
      • lustre-discuss: Xyratex hosted list to ask questions and report experiences with Lustre