Get Involved

OpenSFS organizes and supports multiple technical working groups on open source files systems and related technologies. Each group is tasked with clear goals and responsibilities. White-papers are created to define for how the working group structures their functionality and achieves their goals. Each group has a teleconference mandatory for participants.

To become a participant of a working group your organization needs to either be a participant of OpenSFS or be going through the joining process.

However, the Lustre Working Group (LWG) is an open working group to encourage as much participation as possible by the greater Lustre file system community. More information about the Work Groups is available at

If you are a participant of OpenSFS, contact the OpenSFS Administration if you would like to propose a new working group. Each group has its own mailing list(s) to enhance communication between participants. Only participants are allowed to join and post to the group’s mailing list(s) with the exception of the LWG mailing list which is open to all  ( ).

If you are an OpenSFS participant and would like to join the developer community, go to   You must use an e-mail address with a domain name associated with an OpenSFS participant company. Anyone is allowed to read the archives of the mailing list conversations.

We’re looking forward to working with you!