Galen Shipman


Galen Shipman is one of the founding OpenSFS members and was elected as the OpenSFS Chairman in June 2013.


Terri Quinn


Terri Quinn serves as the OpenSFS Treasurer. She was elected to this role in April 2013.


Jen Franklin

Corporate Secretary

Jen Franklin is a Director of Accounts at VTM Group. She has worked with numerous industry associations to provide corporate governance and association management consulting. Jen was elected as the OpenSFS Secretary in July 2013.



Board Members

Charlie Carroll

R&D VP, Cray, Inc.

Charlie Carroll is the R&D VP for Cray’s Storage and Data Management
business unit. He and his team are responsible for developing and delivering
storage and Lustre products to retain and manage data in the most demanding
environments. Charlie has been with Cray for 11 years, managing its OS
development group for most of that time. He has worked with Lustre since

Charlie Carroll, Cray Inc.

Meghan McClelland

Senior Product Manager, Xyratex Inc.

Meghan McClelland is a Senior Product Manager at Xyratex championing Lustre® product advancements for the ClusterStor storage appliance and the HPC community. Meghan’s previous HPC experience includes ASC Filesystems and I/O and Archive Project Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where she was responsible for directing and sponsoring R&D to provide new technology and solutions to the problems for LANLs HPC Filesystems. She enjoys being a relatively new parent and spending time with her family.


Terri Quinn

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Terri Quinn is the Principle Deputy Department Head for Integrated Computing & Communications. She manages Livermore Computing, LLNL’s high performance computing organization.


Galen Shipman

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Galen Shipman is the Data Systems Architect for the Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate and Director of the Compute and Data Environment for Science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He is responsible for defining and maintaining an overarching strategy and infrastructure for data storage, data management, and data analysis spanning from research and development to integration, deployment and operations for high-performance and data-intensive computing initiatives at ORNL.


Stephen Simms

OpenSFS Community Board Member

Stephen Simms currently manages the Data Capacitor project and leads the High Performance File System group at Indiana University.

Stephen Simms, OpenSFS Community Board Member