Charlie Carroll

Interim Chairman

Charlie Carroll, Cray Inc.

Terri Quinn


Terri Quinn serves as the OpenSFS Treasurer. She was elected to this role in April 2013.


Jen Franklin

Corporate Secretary

Jen Franklin is the General Manager for the Initiatives and Alliances Department at VTM Group. She has worked with numerous industry associations to provide corporate governance and association management consulting. Jen was elected as the OpenSFS Secretary in July 2013.



Board Members

Charlie Carroll

Cray, Inc.

Charlie Carroll is the R&D VP for Cray’s Storage and Data Management
business unit. He and his team are responsible for developing and delivering
storage and Lustre products to retain and manage data in the most demanding
environments. Charlie has been with Cray for 11 years, managing its OS
development group for most of that time. He has worked with Lustre since

Charlie Carroll, Cray Inc.

Mark Seager

Chief Technology Officer for the Technical Computing Ecosystem at Intel

Mark K. Seager is an Intel Fellow in the Data Center Group and the chief technology officer for the Technical Computing Group at Intel Corporation. His work focuses on the development, deployment and use of exascale high-performance computing (HPC) systems with technology based on broadly available HPC systems. Considered the next leap forward in supercomputing, exascale systems will be capable of performing a billion billion calculations per second.



Stephen Simms

OpenSFS Community Board Member

Stephen Simms currently manages the Data Capacitor project and leads the High Performance File System group at Indiana University.

Stephen Simms, OpenSFS Community Board Member