Benchmarking Working Group


  • Research primary I/O workloads in high performance parallel file systems configurations
  • Study existing benchmarking tools that best emulate these workloads
  • Produce a report that best matches existing benchmarking tools available to the workloads defined
  • Produce a set of instructions for download, execution and analysis for the benchmarking tools recommended
  • Work with OpenSFS to progress these goals, either through contracting resources or through other affiliations

Co-Chairs: Devesh Tiwari (, and Andrew Uselton, (

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Teleconference: Every other Friday at 8:30-9:30am Pacific.
To join the call please dial-in: 1 (877) 709-0823; Meeting ID: 4840841


2015 BWG Survey (PDF)

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Benchmarking Work Group Definitions and Abbreviations